Broward County Home Appraiser in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is responsible for handling financial matters, including issuing Broward County invoices and collecting personal and property tax payments. The Broward County Office of the Collector and Treasurer is part of the Broward County Department of Finance, which encompasses all financial functions of local government.


You can call the Broward County Property Assessor at 954-357-6830 or visit the Broward County Property Assessor website and search by address to find out who owns a property. The Broward County Real Estate Appraiser will help you ensure you’re getting what you pay for. It is important to remember that the appraised value and the market value of residential or commercial real estate are two different things. Typically, the appraised value of a home is less than the actual market price of a property.

You can meet with the Broward County Property Appraiser (BCPA) to discuss the appraisal. Second, you can petition the Broward County Council of Adjustment. Finally, you can file legal action and file a claim with the Circuit Court (there are also appeals). The fastest way is to use the Broward property finder on their official website. You can do any property search on Broward, as long as the documents are not older than 1978. In that case, you should visit the search and copy services.


You can contact their office at this number: 954.357.6830. [email protected] or call 954.357.6830. Email addresses are public records under Florida law. Please be aware that if you do not wish your email address to be disclosed as part of a public records request, please do not email that entity. Here is a list of quick phone numbers to take you in the right direction.