Frequently Asked Questions

The Broward County Real Estate Appraiser’s primary job is to fulfill the legal responsibility of accurately determining the market value of all real estate located in the county based on real estate market activity. The Office of the Real Estate Appraiser informs that it does not issue invoices and does not assess or collect taxes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find property records in Broward County?

There are several resources available for finding Broward County Property Appraiser records. The fastest way is to use the Broward property finder on their official website. You can do any property search on Broward, as long as the documents are not older than 1978. In that case, you should visit the search and copy services.

Where do I pay my Broward County property taxes?

There are several ways to pay your Broward property taxes, including online, in person, and by mail to your current address, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Room A-100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

How do you find out who owns a property in Florida?

If you just want to know who owns a specific Florida property, you can conduct a Florida property search by contacting your local real estate appraiser. For any Broward County real estate search, you can even use the bcpa website and search by address to find out who owns the home you are interested in.

What is the Broward County Property Tax Rate?

Broward’s tax advisor offers an average tax rate of 1.08%, which means you can pay up to $2,664 a year. Because Broward County uses a complex method to determine the property tax due on each individual property, it is not practical to aggregate them into a base tax rate as you would an income or sales tax. Instead, you can estimate how a Broward County tax professional might view your home by looking at the statistical average of all taxable properties in Broward County. The typical property tax amount is based on the Broward County average property value of $247,500.