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Broward County Property Assessors, also known as County Assessors as they are often known, are full-time employees of the county. They serve the citizens of the county in various capacities. In order to determine the value of a property, a property appraiser will be required to make a number of decisions.


There are many factors to consider when assessing whether the amount agreed by the parties in question, such as buyer and seller, is worth it. In the end, the market value of the property is the latter value of both the initial acquisition cost of the property and the last available value. An annual compilation of these numbers is conducted.

As it looks increasingly likely that Broward Deputy Mayor Martin Kiar will be the county’s next real estate appraiser, there has already been an appearance of a conflict of interest when it comes to the board that is deciding landlord and tenant appeals to property taxes.

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Visit the Broward County Real Estate Appraiser website

Meanwhile, for those homeowners who need a more in-depth assessment of their properties, most likely speaking with a real estate broker in Broward County would be a good idea, but consulting the website first would be even better. Thus, you can check the value of your property from the website.

Visit the Broward Property Appraiser website

This Broward County Property Appraiser site offers you the opportunity to check the value of your property and discover other properties for sale.

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You can access the property search page by clicking on the property search menu. A variety of options are available based on your property information.


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In order to conduct an effective property search, it is important to enter the pertinent information in one or more of the fields below: property address, house number, civic address, street name, apartment number, and city. You can start the search process by clicking the Search button. Once the information that is needed has been encoded, the search process will begin.

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