Role Of Broward Appraiser

The main responsibility of Paul as a Broward County Real Estate Appraiser is to demonstrate that he is fully capable and able to fulfill the legal obligation and duty of accurately determining the market value of every piece of real estate located in Broward County that’s sold on the local market.


The Court of Appeals has decided that the Office of the Real Estate of Broward County Property Appraiser is not a tax assessor or collector and does not issue invoices to anyone. A seller and buyer, for instance, will determine if it is worth the amount they have agreed on.

Furthermore, the Property Surveyor office has also updated its website, which is now better designed and has a more user-friendly interface, as well as information about property exemptions, a property search function, and a listing of upcoming events (including a list of dates when you can request a phone call from the mobile crew). , including a list of every property in Broward County, aerial photographs, maps, and company information, as well as information on the exemptions that people and businesses in Broward County are eligible to apply for (except for the Homestead exemption), as well as administrative links for updating addresses.

As part of one of the most exciting new features offered by Broward County Property Appraiser, homeowners can now access valuable video information about the process of applying for their property waiver via the department’s website.

Along with the other duties of overseeing county departments and services, the director handles the administration of the Mobile Information and Exemption Team, the Residential Property Department, the Commercial Real Estate Department, the Human Resources Department, the Budget Department, the Finance and Registration Department, the Engineer’s Department, the Legal and Administrative Services Department, and the Fire Prevention Department, which is assisted by the Property Inspector’s Department.