Tax Rate

Property tax is levied annually and is determined as eligible by multiplying the cadastral value of the property by the effective rate in the region of the property, also known as the value tax, and any exemptions or deductions to which the owner or property is entitled.


Check Out The Broward County Property Tax Rate

Broward’s tax advisor offers an average tax rate of 1.08%, which means you can pay up to $2,664 a year. Because Broward County uses a complex method to determine the property tax due on each individual property, it is not practical to aggregate them into a base tax rate as you would an income or sales tax.

Instead, you can estimate how a Broward County tax professional might view your home by looking at the statistical average of all taxable properties in Broward County. The typical property tax amount is based on the Broward County average property value of $247,500.

You can expect to invoice the Broward County property Appraiser tax amount on November 1st for the following tax year, including January through December. However, you don’t have to pay on the day you receive it. Broward County taxes can be filed any time before March 31 of the following year. However, there are Broward tax breaks if you pay in advance!

  • 4% off if you pay Broward property tax in November.
  • 3% off if you pay Broward County Tax in December.
  • 2% off all taxes paid on your Broward property in January.
  • 1% discount when paying Broward County property tax in February one month earlier.

There are several ways to pay your Broward property taxes, including online, in person, and by mail to your current address, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Room A-100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.